(Marcus and Dom are at the end of the Train, waiting.)

Baird: Dammit! We suck! Sorry Guys, we'll catch a ride on a Raven.

Marcus: It's alright. Anya, what are we looking at?

Anya: Well, the Bomb is at the front of the train. And they are plenty of Locust onboard. You gotta get moving now.

(Marcus and Dom are ambushed by Theron Guards and Drones. They clear the way.)

(Marcus tries to open the door, he fails.)

Marcus: Dammit, JACK, open this door.

(A loud growl is heard.)

Dom: Great. Now what?

Marcus: Are you kidding me? Berserker!

Cutscene (The Berserker breaks out of the boxes,if you look close, they say Gears Crunch on them. The Berserker charges.)


Marcus: Anya, we're using the Hammer of Dawn. Right now.

Anya: Negetive Delta, you can't, not with all those Nemacysts inking the sky.

Marcus: Fine, we'll go to plan B... you got a plan B?

Dom: What, Hell no!

Marcus: Shit.

(Dom and Marcus lure the Berserker onto the last traincar, and unhook it.)

Anya: The door's open Marcus, quick!

Cole: Fenix! Hoffmans picked us up, were on our way.

Marcus: Affirmative.


(Revears and they're pilots begin to fly towards the train).


Marcus: Reavers!

(Dom and Marcus run through a section of the train, meeting more Therons and Drones)

Anya: Good news Delta, there are mounted Machine guns on the roof.

Marcus: Let's get on the roof.

(Dom and Marcus find the Ladder and fire upon the oncoming reavers.)

Marcus: Dammit, those are tough.

(The Door opens, Marcus and Dom pass through.)

(The train starts to vibrate, and it enters a dark tunnel.)

Marcus: Anya, what the hell is happening?

Anya: You've got wretches. Four carts ahead. (The trains starts to break) They're cutting the power, hurry before they cut you loose!

(Dom and Marcus fight through the Lambent Wretches.)

(A timer of 50 seconds appear.)

Cole: Yeah Marcus, show those bitches.

(Dom and Marcus make it through. All the Wretches fall off.)

(Dom and Marcus enter a room, and the chapter Pale Horse begins.)

End of Chapter

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