Orange: (singing in parody of Who Let the Dogs Out) Who let the oranges out? Oo! Oo, oo! Who let the oranges out? Oo! Oo! Oo! (laughter)

Soccer Ball: Whoa!

Orange: Whoa! Hey, Melon! You're back!

Soccer Ball: Hey! I told you before, I'm not a melon!

Orange: Geez, don't get so angry. Usually you're so melon-choly! (laughing)

Soccer Ball: Ugh!

Orange: Hey! Hey Melon!

Soccer Ball: I'm not a melon.

Orange: Hey, Melon! Hey!

Soccer Ball: I'M NOT A MELON!

Orange: Hey, hey Melon!

Soccer Ball: What?

Orange: Vuvuzela!

Soccer Ball: Huh??

Orange: *blows a vuvuzela*

Soccer Ball: Ohhhhoh no! Please stop!

  • Orange continues blowing*

Soccer Ball: Could you please stop it, please?

  • continues blowing*

Soccer Ball: Oh my god, it's SO ANNOYING! PLEASE STOP IT!

Orange: *laughs*

Soccer Ball: Holy crap you're annoying!

Orange: Hey Melon!

Soccer Ball: What?

Orange: Foot.

  • Daneboe kicks Soccer Ball away*

Soccer Ball: WOAH!

Orange: Woah! Look's like he got a kick outta that! *laughs and blows vuvuzela*

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