Mario:(as he jumps onto the battle area) Oh! I've got to save the princess! Hey! Where's the Bowser? He's usually in here.

(Annoying Orange chuckles in the distance)

Mario: What was that? Sounded like it came from over here. Princess? Toad?

Annoying Orange:(as Mario spots him)I'm not a toad! I'm an orange.(chuckles)

Mario: Oh! What did ya do with the Princess and Toad?

Annoying Orange: Toad? Is that like a frog?

Mario: No. It's more like you know, mushroom.

Annoying Orange: I know him. He's a fungi(chuckles)

Mario: Alright, enough with the funny stuff. Are you ready to fight?

Annoying Orange: Not really. I'm kind of hungry

Mario: Then try out one of my spicy meatballs

(Super Mario throws a Red Fire Ball, which dissolves the second it hits Orange)

Annoying Orange: (Laughing) Meatballs? More like boogers! Stop throwing boogers Mr. Pick-n-Flick!

Mario: It's not boogers. And I'm not Mr. Pick-n-Flick. I'm Super Mario.

Annoying Orange: Spaghetti-O's I love Spaghetti-O's (Laughing)

Mario: No-No-No It's Super Mario!

Annoying Orange: Uh-Oh!

Mario: What do you mean, "Uh-Oh"?

Annoying Orange: Uh-Oh Spaghetti-O's (Laughing)

Mario: Fight

(Super Mario throws a Red Fire Ball again)

Annoying Orange: Hey Spaghetti-O's, use a cleanex already! Geez.

Mario: Why you annoying two-bit Orange!

Annoying Orange: Two-bits? I'm at least 8-bits. (Laughing)

Mario: Now don't make me take my gloves off. I can get real mean if I want to. Just you ask my brother Luigi.

Annoying Orange: Did you say Linguini? Your whole family's made of pasta. Do you have a sister named Raviolli? (Laughing)

Mario: Look you tell me where the princess is or else!

Annoying Orange: Or else what? Shell?

Mario: Shell? What are you talking about you crazy orange!

Annoying Orange: Turtle Shell! (Burps out a turtle shell hitting Mario and taking a life away.) Woh! Spaghetti-Os is bite sized! (Laughs)

Mario: Ok, you shrunk me. You like a big orange a rickanramus?

Annoying Orange: Aw, don't worry bite-sized Spaghetti-Os, it could be worse!

Mario: Worse! Now I'll never find the princess! How could it possibly be worse?

Annoying Orange: I don't know. Bullet?

Mario: What?

Annoying Orange: Bullet!

Bullet hits Mario killing him.

Annoying Orange: (Laughs) Super Mario, more like Stupid Mario! Right guys!

Peach: (Sighs)

Annoying Orange: I defeated Bowser and saved you guys hours ago.

Peach: Yeah, If by defeated, you mean annoyed the living crap out of him until he got angry and left.

Annoying Orange: Yeah, whatever Princess Apple.

Peach: That's Peach thank you very much.

Annoying Orange: You're an apple! (Laughs)

Bowser: Hey! You guys are still here? I told you already get out of my dungeon you freeloaders!

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