{Safe as Houses}

Cutscene opens with the aftermath of the last battle, with a Marine pulling a dead Elite onto the platform. Anders, Forge and a group of Marines make their way towards the Relic interior.

  • Anders: "Sergeant, is this what the aliens were after?"
  • Forge: "Seems so, ma'am. They sure paid a price trying to defend it, all quiet now."

Forge tells his men to hold up, Anders approaches the Relic and moves to activate it, Forge stops her.

  • Forge: "Hey! What do you think you're doing?"
  • Anders: "Nothing ventured, nothing gained."

Forge lets go, Anders activates the Relic, a star map shows up.

  • Anders: "Now that's...not what I expected!"

Behind the Marines several Stealth Elites with Needlers disengage their Active Camouflage.

  • Elite: "Heresy! Remove this filth!"

Elites engage the Marines, who move for cover; the Relic deactivates

  • Marine: "Take cover! Move!"

Forge takes cover with Anders and another Marine. A different Marine tosses Forge his Shotgun.

  • Forge: "These guys just don't know when to quit!"

Marines return fire on Elites, killing a few, but taking casualties of their own.

  • Forge: "Uh, Spirit? Forge. We're going to need a little backup."


  • Forge: "This is Forge, we've been ambushed at the Relic site! I'm pinned down with Anders, we're taking heavy losses, we need reinforcements now!"
  • Captain Cutter: Sergeant, Alpha Base won't be able to respond in time, we've got Grizzlies inbound from Spirit of Fire, hold on down there.
  • Serina: "Ah, Grizzly tanks. Forge's pet project."
  • Forge: "This is Forge; we're under heavy fire!"
  • Forge: "I've got men down, where are those reinforcements?"

The Grizzlies finally reach Forge, Anders and the Marines.

  • Forge: "About time, I was down to my last clip."
  • Anders: "Grizzlies. Well, at least I know how to repair them."
  • Forge: "I made a few improvements, my own special upgrades."
  • Forge: "Cover me, I'm pulling back with Anders."
  • Forge: "Those Grunts are carrying explosives, look out!"

Two Grunts plant explosives at the bridge controls and detonate them, killing one of the Grunts.

  • Forge: "They've blown the controls. We're cut off!"
  • Anders: "Get me to the east bridge's control panel, I think I can get it activated."
  • Forge: "Once that's fixed, we're moving out!"
  • Anders: "Give me a minute, and I'll get this bridge operational."
  • Forge: "You heard the lady, let's give her some privacy."
  • Forge: "Watch those doors, looks like company's coming."
  • Anders: "Got it! The bridge is operational!"

As they near the entrance, multiple pairs of Hunters appear.

  • Forge: "Hunters! There's too many! We need to make a run for the exit!"

Marines from outside begin to fire on the Hunters.

  • Marine: "Sergeant Forge, we got your back. Get Anders out of here."
  • Forge: "Get to the LZ!"

Forge and Anders successfully reach the landing zone.

  • Forge: "Forge here. We made it, ready for extraction."

{In-game Cutscene}

Captain Cutter: Good work. Professor, I want to be briefed on your findings as soon as you're onboard.

Level ends.