Silas Whitfield: "Gunny, planes inbound".

Jack Lauton: "Get in that turret now, move it marine!"

Frank Spinelli: "Spinelli here, radios are up. Gunny, the engines will be up in a second."

Jack Lauton: "Gennies are good, engines are good. All right, let's see what this old gal can do. We gotta protect those battlewagons."

Several aircraft attack the boat from behind.

Jack Lauton: "Ah dammit, the Oklahoma's goin' belly-up!"

The ship begins to list to the right. A small tugboat moves in front of the PT boat.

Jack Lauton: "Clear away! Hang on! We're going to starboard."

Silas Whitfield: "Woah!"

The Oklahoma's conning tower nearly crushes the PT boat.

Jack Lauton: "Watch that superstructure!"

Frank Spinelli: "Lord have mercy."

The boat moves into battleship row. Kate aircraft attack it.

Jack Lauton: "We're surrounded by Kates. Watch the tail gunners! Stay on your target Marine!"

Explosions rip through the battleship on the end of the row as the PT boat makes a turnaround.

Jack Lauton: "Watch it! Hang on tight, we're goin' to port!"

Silas Whitfield: "Aye, aye, Gunny."

Frank Spinelli: "That was close!"

Jack Lauton: "Let's go! We've got to get underway before one of those bombs hits us! Zekes! Inbound fighters! Look alive, they're quick."

Frank Spinelli: "She can't take much more."

Jack Lauton: "Zekes! Inbound, fast and low! To the left!"

Frank Spinelli: "Ah nuts, they hit the radio."

Silas Whitfield: "Ah, she's damaged!"

Frank Spinelli: "Pressure in the turret's dropping. All right, Griffin, hold on, we're losing turret pressure. Alright boys, lets get her up and runnin' again. The radio's gone haywire!"

Japanese Pilot: Koudo wo tamoti hentai wo kuzusuna! Arizona kakunin! [Keep altitude and do not break formation! Arizona confirmed!]

Jack Lauton: "Spinelli, fix that thing!

Japanese Pilot: Toukaaaa! [Drop!]

A bomb hits the USS Arizona. The shockwave knocks Griffin's boat into a different direction.

Frank Spinelli: "Holy."

Silas Whitfield: "Oh my God, we've lost the Arizona!"

Frank Spinelli: "God help 'em."

Sials Whitfield: "This can't be happening."

The PT boat manouevers through the destroyed ships and dead bodies littering the water.

Nevada Captain: "This is Nevada, calling any ships avaialble. We are attempting to sortie seaward. We need an escort, I say again we need an escort."

Jack Lauton: "That's us! All stations stand by. Comin' up to flank speed. Let's get back in this game!"

The Nevada appears ahead. The PT boat swerves around to provide cover for it.

Jack Lauton: "Hold on! Brace yourselves! They've got Vals bearing down on 'em."

Frank Spinelli: "Their comin' at us from everywhere!"

Silas Whitfield: "This isn't looking good!"

Nevada Captain: "We're taking too much damage, we need you to cover our departure!"

Nevada Captain: "Nevada to Peter Two-Zero, we've been ordered to beach so we don't block the exit to the sea. Thank you for the escort, over."

The Nevada successfully escapes.