(Dom and Marcus stock up on ammo and open the door)

Cutscene (Dom and Marcus run for cover as the kryll fly upon the skies)

Anya: Marcus, you gotta drop that data. Right now!

(Out of the shadows, General RAAM and his Kryll come out of cover)

General RAAM: Serve the Queen.

(You see a King Raven flying in.

(Colonel Hoffman: Engage!

General RAAM: Die!


Raven Pilot: Reavers!


(General RAAM suffers his dramatic death. Dom jumps on the King Raven)

(Marcus see's the bridge ending. He struggles to put the data in and jumps towards the Raven)

(The Lighmass Bomb goes off, killing thousands upon millions of Locust and the Outer Hollow)

(Colonel Hoffman decides to pick up Marcus, proving he has forgave him)

(The Raven begins to fly over the burning Locust stronghold)

Colonel Hoffman: Earlier today, your Gears successfully deployed the Lightmass Bomb. We have destroyed the enemy stronghold. This war has exacted a heavy price from all of us. But you have my word, we shall rise again.

(The King Raven becomes out of sight)

Locust Queen (voice): They do no understand. They do not understand why we rage this war. Why we cannot stop. Will not stop . Why we will fight and fight and fight. (View goes to SkorgeTemplate:Factin a Theron Guards armour on a Hydra). Until we win... or we die. And we are not (The Hydra rises up) dead yet.

(The Hydra supposibly eats the screen)

Game ends

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