Orange: Orange Orange Orange Orange Orange. What rhymes with Orange.

Pineapple: Hey Hey! Watch the hair Bud It's Only want to look like this.

Orange: Whoa! What are You?

Pineapple: Oh Hey. I'm a Pineapple.

Orange: What? You don't look like an Apple.

Pineapple: Well I'm not I'm an Pineapple.

Orange: (Laughing) Why the long face?(laughing)

Pineapple: That's rude. I'm a Pineapple.

Orange: You're a half apple. Like an apple crossed with the pine tree. (laughing)

Pineapple: No, that's not how it works.

Annoying Orange: Hey! What's with those knives on your head?

Pineapple: That's my hair.

Annoying Orange: Oh! So it's there?

Pineapple: Where?

Annoying Orange: Hair!

Pineapple: What?

Annoying Orange: There! Hair!

Pineapple: Yes! That's what I said! What are you doing?

Annoying Orange: There rhymes with hair! (Laughs)

Pineapple: Ok, stop.

Annoying Orange: So does air, bare, care-

Pineapple: Ok stop! That's getting really annoying!

Annoying Orange: Glare, stare, mare, fair-

Pineapple: Stop! Stop! STOP!

Annoying Orange: (Laughs)

Pineapple: You know what else rhymes with hair? Nare, and it looks like you're very familiar with it baldy.

Annoying Orange (Gasps) Wow! You really are an apple!

Pineapple: I am not! I'm a pineapple! I'm not even related! I don't grow on trees and-

Annoying Orange: You're an apple.

Pineapple: (Growls) God, you are so irritating!

Annoying Orange: I'm not irritating, I'm an orange.

Pineapple: (Sighs)

Annoying Orange: Hey Apple!

Pinapple: I'm not talking to you.

Annoying Orange: Knife.

Pineapple: I've already told you, these are not knives!

Annoying Orange: No, Knife!

Pineapple: This is my hair. I spike it up to look cool, and it's something you can't do because you are-

Daneboe then slices off the top of Pineapple making the hair float over to Oranges head landing on it.

Pineapple: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!

Annoying Orange: Whoa! Look whose the baldy now!

Pineapple is then forced down and cut up.

Pineapple: AHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!

Annoying Orange: Pineapple? Looks more like Pain-Apple! (Laughs) Ooh, ow!

Pineapple is then put in front of Orange as Pineapple rings

Annoying Orange: (Laughs)

Pineapple: Someone help me.

Annoying Orange: Hey Apple I don't mean to stare, but you're looking worse for wear. (Laughs)

Pineapple: Orange, you are sick.

Annoying Orange: (Sighs) You know what else rhymes with hair? (Looks at Pear) You do, Pear!

Pear: Leave me out of this.