Blinky: *eats Pacman* Pack your bags, Pac-Man!

Ghost #1: All right! Woo-hoo!

Ghost #2: Nice one, Blinky!

Ghost #1: Yeah! Two (lives) down and one to go!

Blinky: What the?

Orange: *flashing* Flashing, flashing, flashing....SOLID! *laughs*

(The episode card comes up with the ghosts chasing Orange)

Ghost #3: Is it just me or is there something different about Pac-Man?

Ghost #2: Nawww, that's just your nerve's talking.

Ghost #3: I don't know. Just look at him.

Orange: Ooh! Tic-Tacs! *eats one* Mmm. Minty! *laughs*

Blinky: I don't care what he looks like, he's going down!

Ghosts: Yeah! Go get him.

  • Blinky goes down to Orange, who is quite a long way in eating Tic-Tac's*

Blinky: Alright Pac-Man. You know the drill.

Orange: Pac-Man? I'm an orange.

Blinky: Yeah, and I'm a ghost, so you better....

Orange: You're not a ghost, you're a policeman.

Blinky: I'm not a cop.

Orange: Then why're you working undercover? *laughs*

Blinky: I'm a ghost, you moron!

Orange: Oh! Then I bet you know my friend Boo!

Blinky: Boo? Boo who?

Orange: Geez, you don't have to cry about it! *laughs*

Blinky: That's it....

  • Orange runs off and eats the dots*

Blinky: Come back here!

  • Orange gets a big dot. Blinky turns into a blue, sad ghost. Orange begins chasing him*

Orange: Woah, Officer Boo. Where'd you get the Snuggie? I want a Snuggie!

Blinky: Leave me alone! Noooooo!

  • Orange eats Blinky and earns 200 points.*

Orange: Woah, no wonder he ran away. He didn't have any guts! *laughs* Hey! More tic-tacs!

  • Blinky returns to base*

Blinky: DARN IT!

Ghost #1: (sarcastically) Nice one, dude.

Ghost #2: I think it's time to make the odds a little less fair!

Ghosts: Yeah, all right!

  • The three remaining ghosts come out. Blinky stays in base*

Orange: Oh, oh ghosts! Over here!

Ghosts: There he is!

  • Orange goes through the teleport tunnel and the ghosts change direction.*

Orange: Marco!

Ghosts: Oh, there he is! Get him!

  • Orange goes back through the tunnel and starts repeating faster and faster*

Orange: Polo!

Ghosts: There he is. Oh, he's over there now. Can't we just split up?

Orange: Marco! Polo! Marco! Polo! Marco! Polo! Marco! Polo! Marcopolomarcopolomarcopolomarcopolomarcopolomarcopolo! *Laughs* Ohhhh, I don't feel very good.

Ghosts: GET HIM!

  • Orange suddenly throws up every dot he ate in the game, causing the ghosts to die. He earns 1400 points*

Orange: Woah! Talk about eyeful! *laughs* Hey! More tic-tacs! *eats more*

Ghost #2: Hoooo, that was disgusting!

Ghost #3: I am not going back out there.

  • Orange continues eating. He then gets an extra life*

Orange: Hey, it's me! I see you me!

Extra Life Orange: You're not me. I'm me!

  • they both laugh*

Ghost #1: Ugh, I hate this new guy! Whatever happened to Pac-Man?


Pacman: Wakkawakkawakkawakka!

Pear: Okay. Shut up already. You've been making that same noise for three hours! I can't understand a thing you're saying.

Pacman: Wakkawakkawakka!

Pear: Ugh...I give up!

  • Dane Boe puts a pack of Strawberries on the bench*

Strawberry: Yo, strawberries in the house! What's going on?

  • Pac-Man is so starving he immediatly rushes to the strawberries and devours them*

Strawberries: AAAAAAAA.....

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