NOTE: Beacuse Left 4 Dead technically has no script just a random phrase or quote said now or then, this technically isn't a transcript, but a list of assorted quotes used only in that certain campaign.

Bill Edit

  • "Ahh shit, subway looks fulla zombies."
  • "I was hoping there'd be less zombies down here."
  • "We can take the subway tunnels to the hospital; there's a Red Line station not far from here."
  • "Station's just up the street."
  • [ Upon entering Holly Street Station and seeing the sign above the escalators ] "The Red Line North will take us to Mercy."
  • "The Red Line North will take us straight there."
  • "Francis, is that you or the sewer?"
  • "I ain't walkin' to the roof!"
  • "Ach. More stairs."
  • [ Hospital elevator, responding to Zoey questioning if things will return to normal ] "I'll see peace back on Earth if I gotta murder every one of these bastards with my bare goddamn hands!"
  • "You call this a 'zombie apocalypse'? Don't hold a candle to the Great Zombie Attack of '57!" "...Nah, I'm just horse shittin' ya!"
  • "Even being in a war doesn't prepare you for this - they never stop, they come at ya and come at ya and they never goddamn stop."
  • [ Response to Francis' "I hate stairs" remark ] "Damn straight."
  • "We've been immune so far but, well, if I start to turn...promise you'll shoot me."
  • "We're fighting a war of attrition with a horde of brainless killing machines - I ain't exactly optimistic about our chances."
  • [When seeing the no smoking sign in the sewer]"That's a crock a shit."
  • "I called the chopper."
  • [ Rescue arrives ] "Our chopper's here, let's get the hell outta Dodge!"
  • [ Rescue arrives ] "The bird's here! Let's go!"
  • [ Helicopter touches down ] "Get to the chopper! GO!"
  • [ Helicopter touches down ] "Get to the chopper!"
  • [ Helicopter touches down ] "To the chopper, c'mon move it, move it, move it!"
  • [ Helicopter touches down ] "Get to the L.Z.!" (Landing Zone)

Francis Edit

  • Francis: Eugh, which one of you jackasses just beefed/beeped? (In the elevator going to the roof.)
Zoey: Oops, sorry!
  • [ When Bill mentions about shooting him if he turns ] "What if just your beard starts to turn? Can I shoot that?"
  • Francis: I'm not gonna let those goddamn vampires beat me.
Bill/Louis: They're zombies, Francis.
Francis: Whatever!
  • [ When Bill mentions he has a bad feeling about the hospital ] "Hey, look on the bright side; if you don't make it, I'll still be really handsome!"
  • Francis: I HATE hospitals!...and doctors, and lawyers, and cops...
Zoey/Bill: Francis, is there anything you don't hate?
Francis: You know what I don't hate? I don't hate vests.
  • [ When Zoey says that the helicopter pilot had better be there ] "If he ain't, at least we die with a nice view of the city."
  • "The chopper's coming guys lets have some fun while we wait"
  • [ If two Survivors die ] "You and me gotta find some tougher friends."
  • "Just two of us left! Shit!"
  • "Two of us left! Alright, we can still do this."
  • "Chopper's here, let's go!"

Louis Edit

  • [ Upon entering the sewers ] "This is not going to be sanitary..."
  • "Well into the sewers we go"
  • [ When climbing up the stairs in Mercy Hospital ] "Were they saving people or killing them?"
  • "This doesn't smell like a hospital..."
  • [ In response to Bill's hatred of stairs ] "It's good for you, Bill! Cardio!"
  • "Stairs are a good workout!"

Zoey Edit

  • "Well boys it looks like we're going to the hospital."
  • "Louis... You'd look good in one of those hospital gowns."
  • [ In the elevator in Mercy Hospital ] "Game over, man! Game over!"
  • "I can't get over how FAST they all are, it's not even fair. I'm calling zombie bullshit on that, you know? [Giggles nervously] They're not...ALLOWED to be so fast."
  • [ After a long silence while riding the elevator ] "So, um... Yeah."
  • [ In the beginning Safe Room of Rooftop Finale ] "Almost there....Almost theeeeeeeeere..."
  • "That helicopter pilot better be there." Francis: "If he ain't at least we die with a nice view of the city."
  • "See guys, were almost outta here!"

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