Annoying Orange: (laughing) So, then he said, "If you want the mustard, you're gonna have to ketchup!" (laughing)

Pear: That was quite probably the worst joke I ever heard.

Annoying Orange: You're the worst joke I ever heard! (laughing)

MysteryPotatoMan: Uh! It's way too bright in here! Somebody wanna turn the light down or something!

Annoying Orange: Whoa! A dirty pear with sunglasses!

MysteryPotatoMan: What?

Annoying Orange: Hey, Pear! Check it out! It's your brother!

Pear: (scoffs) That's not my brother!

MysteryPotatoMan: I'm not a pear! My name is MysteryPotatoMan.

Annoying Orange: (laughing) PO-TAY-TOE!

MysteryPotatoMan: We're not doin' that.

Annoying Orange: PO-TAY-TOE!

MysteryPotatoMan: No.

Annoying Orange: Really?

MysteryPotatoMan: Yeah. That's pretty stupid, okay?

Annoying Orange: Yeah, whatever, Four Eyes. (laughing)

MysteryPotatoMan: Hey! You'll be wearin' sunglasses, too if you grew up in the ground. This light is killing me!

Annoying Orange: You grew up in the dirt? I'm going to call you Muddy Buddy! (laughing)

MysteryPotatoMan: I'm not muddy, and I'm not your buddy!

Annoying Orange: (Laughing) You said spud! You're a spudmuffin! (laughing)

MysteryPotatoMan: Maybe you're a real square, you know that?

Annoying Orange: Nu-uh! I'm round. (Laughing)

MysteryPotatoMan: Pear's this guy that always this annoying?

Pear: No. It's even worse when he uses the airhorn.

Annoying Orange: Hey Muddy Buddy!

MysteryPotatoMan: What?

(orange blows the airhorn)

MysteryPotatoMan: (glasses off) Ow!! My eyes!! It's so bright!!!

Annoying Orange: (Laughing)

MysteryPotatoMan: Why did you do that, man?

Annoying Orange: Pear did it.

MysteryPotatoMan: Pear didn't do it. I saw you.

Annoying Orange: Like Pear!

MysteryPotatoMan: No!

Annoying Orange: Uh-Oh! Guess what!?

MysteryPotatoMan: What! What is it?

Annoying Orange: Airhorn! (blows the airhorn)

MysteryPotatoMan: OOOOOWW!!

Annoying Orange: (Laughing)

MysteryPotatoMan: Oh, I can't see anything. And I can't even hear myself think.

Annoying Orange: It's funny, cause it hurts. (Laughing)

MysteryPotatoMan: You are really getting into my skin, buddy. If you met some stupid food of my days, but you really take the cake.

Annoying Orange: Why would you take the cake? That's what Carrot lives!

MysteryPotatoMan: I don't care about Carrot.

Carrot: Well, I don't care about you, either! (Crying)

Annoying Orange: Jeez, for a tater, you're a real hater. Maybe you're a hater tot. (Laughs)

MysteryPotatoMan: Sweet mother of, (Growls) Ah your voice is stabbing me like a giant-

Annoying Orange: Let me guess, Knife?

MysteryPotatoMan: What? (Screams as he gets picked up a skinned)

Annoying Orange: Woh! It's a face off! (Laughs) I don't know who to root for! (Laughs) Get it? Root? (Laughs)

MysteryPotatoMan: Wait wait what are you doing! (Gets sweeped off counter into trash can)

Annoying Orange: Oh well that guy neede a thicker skin anyways. (Laughs)

Carrot: (Crying)

Pear: Come on, Buddy, Potato didn't mean it. Stop crying.

Annoying Orange: Hey carrot! I know what'll make you forget about being sad.

Carrot: (Sniffs)Really, What?

Annoying Orange: Air Horn! (Blows Airhorn)

Carrot: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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