Voice: Something momentous just happened on The Annoying Orange's YouTube channel. He just hit 1 million subcribers! But we're not here to celebrate the Annoying Orange.

Orange: We're not? Boring! So, who are we celebrating?

Voice: You.

Orange: Me? Yay!

Voice: No, not you. The subscribers! All one million of them!

Orange: Whoa! That's a lot of subscribers!

Voice: I know.

Orange: And it rhymes with MacGuyver! *laughs*

Voice: Exciting. Isn't it?

Orange: So, what are you doing?

Voice: We're sending all of our subscribers they're very own Annoying Orange.

Orange: That's a lot of oranges.

Voice: You bet it is!

Orange: Wait! Where are you gonna get all those oranges?

Voice: With this.

Daneboe then turns on the Clonerizer a machine that zaps orange and makes a clone of him.

Other Orange: Hey It's me!

Orange: No, I'm me!

Voice: You're both right

Orange Group: Yay!

A third Orange is cloned

Orange #3: Hey! Hey Oranges! Guess What? *burps*

(Orange Group laughs)

Pear: Please stop doing this

Voice: No Pear! We won't stop until we have enough oranges for everyone.

Orange: So then I told Hamburger he was so greasy he must use bacon as a band-aid.

Oranges: (Laughs)

Pear: This is a terrible idea. No good can come from this!

Voice: It's not terrible Pear. What better way to thank the subscribers then make a million Oranges.

Orange: Hey! Hey Oranges! Can you do this? *tongue flips*

Oranges: (Tounge flips)

Pear: Oh no, what have you done!

Orange: Oh Pear, stop being such an aaple!

Oranges: (Laugh)

Voice: One good turn deserves another, and this is our way of saying thanks to all our wonderful subscribers. Without your support, there'd be no Annoying Orange.

Orange Clone: Hey! Thanks alot Macguyver subscriber. (Laughs)


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