Romeo One-One: We’re going deep and we’re going hard.

Charlie One-One: Surely you can’t be serious.

Romeo One-One: I am serious…and don’t call me Shirley.

A square hole is cut from the ceiling of the plane.


The first enemy comes out of the lavatory and is killed.

Romeo One-One: Weapons free.

Charlie One-One: Tango down in section One Alpha.

One-One Team engages the enemy in the aircraft.

Charlie One-One: X-Ray down.

Romeo One-One: Move.

Charlie One-One: Hostile neutralized.

Romeo One-One: Move.

They engage more enemies in the plane.

Romeo One-One: We’ve got a hull breaach! Get doown! Get dooown!

The crew call sound is heard and the hull explodes. The plane starts to lose pressure and tip to its right. The team moves up the stairway.

Charlie One-One: Stairway clear.

They engage hostiles on the second floor.

Romeo One-One: Watch your fire up here. We’re looking for a civilian.

The player goes to the main room. A Russian holds a hostage. In slow motion.

Terrorist: Назад! А то я ему прострелю голову! Я сказал назад! (Russian - "Stand back! Or I'll shoot his head! I said stand back!")

The player kills the gunman.

Kriegler: *crying* Пожалуйста! Не убивай меня! Я хочу домой, я хочу уехать отсюда... (Please! Don't kill me! I want to go home, I want to go here ...)

Charlie One-One: Shit, someone’s armed the bomb. We don’t have much time. We’ve got to go – now.

Romeo One-One: Roger that. Prepare to breach.

Romeo One-One blows the door.

Romeo One-One: We’re goin’ for a little freefall mate! On your feet!

Kriegler: Эй... Стой! Подожди! Что делаешь? У МЕНЯ НЕТ ПАРАШЮТААААААА!!!!!!!!! (Hey! Stop! Wait! What are you doing? I DON'T HAVE A PARACHUUUUUUTE!!!!!)

Romeo One-One: See ya next time, mate.

The team exits the plane as it explodes.