Annoying Orange: Bored b Bor Bor Bor Bored Bored B Bor Bor Bor Bor (Laughing) Whoa!

Leprechaun: Here Goldy, Goldy, Goldy! I know you're out here somewhere!

Annoying Orange: It's the Jolly Green Giant

Leprechaun: Me? No-No-No I'm a Leprechaun.

Annoying Orange: I'm an Orange

Leprechaun: Yeah, I can see that. Good for you

Annoying Orange: Hey, who shrunk you Jolly Green Giant? You look like you just got out of the dryer. (Laughing)

Leprechaun: I'm not a Giant. I'm a Leprechaun, and i'm looking for me Pot O' Gold.

Annoying Orange: Oh! You mean this thing?

Leprechaun: Blast! How did I miss that? Alright shell we talking orange, what do you tend for me Pot O' Gold?

Annoying Orange: Huh?

Leprechaun: The gold. What do you want for?

Annoying Orange: Oh, I want a Pot O' Gold.

Leprechaun: No. You don't get the Pot O' Gold, I get the Pot O' Gold. I'll tell you what, I'll just give three wishes for it. How about that?

Annoying Orange: Three wishes? Okay.

Leprechaun: Alright then, what's you're first wish?

Annoying Orange: I wish for a Pot O' Gold.

Leprechaun: No! You can't have the gold, the gold is mine! You can have something else. Something that's goldy. Something like ..uh.....uh..

Annoying Orange: A whistling pinwheel.

Leprechaun: A whistling pinwheel. Dear lord, you're a fruity orange. (chuckle) You got it!

(pinwheel appered)

Annoying Orange: Yaaaaaaay!

(Orange whistled the pinwheel & laughing)

Leprechaun: Alright, Alright, settle down now.

(Orange keeps whistleing the pinwheel and laughing)

Leprechaun: Hey. What's wish number two gonna be?

(Orange whisting the pinwheel) Wooooooo.

Leprechaun: Hey, Come on!

(Orange laughing and then whistling the pinwheel)

Leprechaun: Stop it, already!

(a pinwheel gone back)

Annoying Orange: Hey!

Leprechaun: You can have it back, when you're wishing's done, and I have me gold.

Annoying Orange: Well that blows. (laughing)

Leprechaun: Okay, Okay, Okay. Wish number two. What do you want?

Annoying Orange: I wish I had my pinwheel back.

Leprechaun: You already have you're dling pinwheel! You can't wish for it twice! There are rules on it.

Annoying Orange: Okay, I wish for one billion wishes.

Leprechaun: No, no, no. You can't wish for more wishes. That's against the rules, too.

Annoying Orange: I wish ther wasn't so many rules.


Annoying Orange: And I got nothing.

Leprechaun: Oh come on! You can have anything in the world! You can have a new car, a unicorn, the lovely lask for bikini, and even marshmallows shaped like dimonds, forthues, and stars.

Annoying Orange: Na. Marshmellows make me gassy.

(Orange farts and laughs)

Leprechaun: You're ain't getting it, little, idiot, and laughing at anything in the world with that Pot O' Gold, and you won't get it!!

Annoying Orange: I want my pinwheel.


Annoying Orange: Pot O' Gold?

Leprechaun: (shouting and groaning) KEEP IT!!! FORGET IT!! I DON't EVEN WANT IT ANYMORE!!!

Annoying Orange: Whoa, take it easy little giant.

Leprechaun: I not a little giant, i'm a freaking leprechaun, and you're an annoying sacket such as if i never met at all three days!

Annoying Orange: Fine! I wish you had you're Pot O' Gold, so you stop being so angry!

Leprechaun: Finally. (screaming)

Annoying Orange: Whoa! Sorry, little giant! You okay? Little giant? Little giant!? Oh, now i'll never get my pinwheel back. (sighs)

(Pear blows whistling the pinwheel)

Annoying Orange: Hey!

Pear: Finders keepers, dude.

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