[ The Survivors walk past the motel on the highway while O Sweet Death plays. ]

[ Coach breaks through the boarded up door to a convenience store Safe Room in the park, unlocks it and everyone walks in. ]

Coach: Report unusual behavior...

[ Nick opens the cash register with his pistol and smirks. ]

Coach: Barricade your homes...

[ Ellis opens a gun cabinet and looks inside. His expression of bewilderment changes to a devilish smile. ]

Coach: Avoid all contact with infected individuals...

[ Rochelle is studying a map as Ellis places a pistol on top of it for her. She pushes it away as Ellis studies a Combat Shotgun. ]

[ Coach is shown reading off a piece of paper as he holds a chocolate bar. ]

Coach: Wait for official instructions. Heh, wait my ass!

[ Coach crumples the paper and throws it away as he walks towards the others eating his chocolate bar. Ellis has attached a grenade launcher, sniper rifle, a pipe bomb and first aid kit to his back. ]

Ellis: Kill all sons 'a bitches.

[ Ellis racks his Combat Shotgun. ]

Ellis: That's my 'ficial instructions.

[ Ellis kicks out the Safe Room door and they open fire on a group of Common Infected. Chocolate Helicopter begins to play.]

[ Coach punches an Infected in the face, knocking it down. Rochelle brings her axe into the face of a Common as Coach walks up to the downed Common. ]

Coach: This used to be a nice neighborhood!

[ Coach beats the Common's face in with the stock of his Chrome Shotgun. ]

[ Ellis and Nick run along the highway, when Ellis is tackled by a Jockey. Nick turns around.]

Nick: Shit!

[ Nick fires. Cut to the downed plane in the crash site. ]

Rochelle: What the hell was that?

[ A trio of mud men notice them and charge. ]

Ellis: Hey watch out!

[ Cut to Ellis and Rochelle hiding behind a fallen tree. Rochelle hushes Ellis as a Spitter appears on the other side of the tree. ]

Rochelle: Shhh... This is some grim shit we've got ourselves into...

[ The Spitter hacks up acid at the camera as the scene cuts to the Survivors fighting in the streets of Ducatel. ]

Rochelle: Get back! Get back!

[ Coach and Rochelle fire briefly at the horde before the Survivors run away. Ellis is helping Nick walk. Cut to the Survivors climbing a stairwell. ]

Coach: [ Panting from exhaustion ] Who the hell...puts an evac station...up thirty flights of goddamn stairs...

Nick: [ Exhausted ] Come on Сoach...maybe the helicopter...maybe it's made of chocolate. [ Chuckles ]

[ Coach scowls at Nick. ]

[ The Survivors reach the top of the building. Ellis is calling out. ]

Ellis: Hey where is everybody? Helloooo!

[ Four helicopters are seen flying away in the distance. ]

Rochelle: Ok, this is not happening...

Ellis: Anyone here?

Rochelle: ...This is not happening. This is not happening.

Coach: Aren't they supposed to be saving our asses?

Nick: Looks like there's been a change of plans.

[ Cut to jets bombing the embankment to the Louisiana Naval Shipyard, a Horde in the French Quarter, and a tractor trailer being blown into a group of Infected on the bridge. ]

Rochelle: [ Into a radio ] Stop the bombing run!

[ Cut to the Veterans Memorial Bridge collapsing into the river. ]

Radio voice: Jesus Christ! That's coming from the bridge!

[ Coach is thrown back onto the hood of a squad car as an explosion hits a gas tanker in front of him. Nick rushes over to help him. ]

Ellis: SHIT!

[ Nick looks up in surprise. ]

[ Ellis is attacked by a Charger in a burning shack. It roars, bursting through the wood, sending him flying. It then picks him up. ]

Ellis: It's got me!

[ The Charger pounds him on the ground. He grunts out loud. ]

[ Cut to Nick followed by a group of Infected climbing a roller coaster in Whispering Oaks. Nick is pulled up by Rochelle as a fireball engulfs the Infected. ]

Rochelle: Hang on!

[ Two hazmat suit Infected walk through flames and turn towards the camera. ]

[ The Survivors run down a hallway to an elevator. Ellis melees a Uncommon Riot Infected, but loses his Sniper Rifle to a Common Infected that trips with it's arms raised, making it fall out of his hands. He makes it inside the elevator, but a Smoker grabs him. ]

Ellis: Ah, what the hell-OWW!

[ Nick grabs onto Ellis, pulling him away from the infected as two Common Infected keep the doors open. Coach takes a chainsaw and decapitates the Infected and severs the Smoker's tongue. ]

Coach: Goddammit! Eat that shit!

[ Ellis collapses on the floor, and removes the tongue still wrapped around him. His expression of disgust turns to shock as he looks out the glass window, down at a swarm of Infected. ]

Ellis: Holy shit...

[ Coach helps Ellis to his feet as Rochelle hands him a grenade launcher. ]

Rochelle: Hey. "Kill all sons 'a bitches", right?

[ Ellis sheepishly nods, grinning at the grenade launcher. ]

[ The floor count changes from five to four. Cut to the Survivors on the stage of the Dark Carnival finale fighting a horde. Coach throws a gas can into the fireworks. ]

Coach: YEAH!

[ Ellis shoots the flying gas can with his Combat Rifle and it explodes above the horde of infected. ]

Nick (voiceover): I have not...

[ Floor count changes from 4 to 3. Rochelle cocks and fires a heavy machine gun from the porch of the mansion in Swamp Fever. ]

Nick (voiceover): ...come this far...

[ Floor count changes from 3 to 2. The Survivors are fighting a Tank on the Veteran's Memorial bridge. ]

Nick (voiceover): die now.

[ Floor count changes from 2 to L. The doors of the elevator open up. As the Survivors prepare, Coach revs up his chainsaw to fight the horde. ]

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