Annoying Orange: (Singing) I'm on youtube, I'm on youtube. La la la la la. La La- (Talking) Hey! Who are you? You look kinda weird. You must be an Apple! (Laughs) (Sighs) So Hey! This is my Youtube Channel! Yayyyyyy! Have you subscribed yet? You haven't? You should! Press the yellow button! It's right there-It says subscribe on it? Have you pressed it yet? Do It! Do it now! You should subscribe! Did you do it yet? Ok good. good. Ok. So, this is my youtube channel! This is where I'm going to be uploading tricks, and jokes, and (burps) (Laughs). Yeah, stuff that I'm doing when I'm not working with DaneBoe! Daneboe's kinda weird. He smells like Broccoli. (Laughs).

Daneboe: Hey! What did you just say?

Annoying Orange: Nothing.

Daneboe: Yeah right.

Annoying Orange: What? I didn't! Woh, that was close. (Laughs). (Sighs). So-so yeah! Well if you haven't subscribed yet, you should! I have to get going so, Bye! (Long Silence) Um, Bye! (Long Silence) I can't turn the camera off, I don't have arms! Help! Hey! Anyone help me? Help! Where's Apple? Maybe he can help. Apple! Hey Apple! Hey! Hey Apple! Where are you?

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