Pear: And then, she says, "But I saw Zucchini this morning!", and Tomato, he says, "But, that's impossible! I saw Zuchini get diced last week!"

Orange: Huh? I don't get it.

Pear: Zuchini's dead!

Passion Fruit: Hey! Trying to sleep over here!

Pear: Sorry! Passion

Orange: I still don't get it.

Pear: Dude, it's a Ghost Story.

Orange: There's no goat in that story.

Pear: No, It's not about-- Know what? Never mind--

Orange: Your story sucks. It be better if there was a goat.

Pear: It's not about Goats.

Grapefruit's Sister: (Grunting)

Orange: Hey! Who was that?

Pear: What? I don't hear anything

Grapefruit's Sister: (Grunting Again)

Passion Fruit: Would you guys keep it down already?

Pear: Uh! Passion, That Wasn't us.

Orange: I think It's a goat.

Passion Fruit: We have a Goat?

Pear: Guys, look over there!

Grapefruit's Sister: (Grunting Better)

Passion Fruit: Oh! My God It's--

Grapefruit's Sister: ORANGEEEEEE!

Orange: It's Ms. Pacman

  • Title card with music*

Passion Fruit: Grapefruit! You're alive!? How did you--

Grapefruit's Sister: Save it, Lady. I am not here for you.

Orange: What are you hear for? Pellets? (Laughing)

Grapefruit's Sister: Listen up, losers, theres is only one thing I want, and that's you Orange.

Orange: Me? what did I do?

Grapefruit's Sister: You killed my Brother!!

Orange: Brother?

Passion Fruit: Grapefruit was you're brother?

Grapfruit's Sister: Was is right. Thank's to that little creep.

Orange: So, wait. Who are you?

Grapefruit's Sister: I'm his sister, you moron!

Orange: Sister?

Grapefruit's Sister: What you dont see the bow?

Pear: Seriously dude you couldnt tell?

Orange: Not really.

Pear: Dude look at her, she's totally a fox!

Orange: Fox!

Passion Fruit: (laughing) Pear's got the hots for grapefruit's sister!

Pear: Hey! not so loud.

Orange: She looks more like a clown. You're chubby mcchubby clown. (laughing)

Grapefruit's Sister: grrrrrrr.

Orange: Hey clown do a trick!

Grapefruit's Sister: Wanna see a trick, how about I make your face disappear! How about that?

Passion Fruit: Woah woah woah, everyone just calm down.

Orange: Jeez this clown is going out of her mime. (Laughing)

Grapefruit's Sister: Oh I am gonna go homestyle on you orange.

Pear: Listen Orange didn't kill your brother.

Grapefruit's Sister: Thats not what everyone else is saying.

Passion Fruit: Everyone else? How did you even hear about it?

Grapefruit's Sister: Are you kidding me? I heard it through the grapevine.

Grape #1: Don't look at me.

Grape #2: I didn't tell anyone.

Grape #3: Me neither. How about you janie?

Janie: Uhh...

Grape #1: Oh no.

Grape #2: Janie!

Janie: What? I told like two people, ok.

Grape #1 and #2: Aw!

Grape #3: Nice one Janie.

Passion Fruit: Seriously? You can't listen to anything those guys say.

Orange: Yeah, Yeah, they're a bunch of winers. (Laughs)

Grapefruit's Sister: I can't belive it. I came all the way here for nothing.

Orange: Uh-oh. Chubby Mcchubby clown's gonna cry.

Grapefruit's Sister: I'm not crying!

Pear: Lay off her Orange! She's having a rough night.

Grapefruit's Sister: I don't get it. If it wasn't him, the who did it.

Orange: Oh I know, it was knife!

Grapefruit's Sister: Who?

Orange: Knife!

Daneboe then kills Grapefruit's Sister the same way he did to Grapefruit.

Grapefruit's Sister: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!

Orange: Woh!

Pear: (Gasps)

Orange: Looks like she's gotta split! (Laughs) Must run in the family. (Laughs) Ow!

Grapefruit's Sister is then talen away by Daneboe

Orange: Kinda feels like deja vu.

Passion Fruit: Wow. I'm going back to bed.

Pear: (Sighs) I guess that's the last we'll see of the grapefruits.

Suddenly three grapefruits are put on the counter.

Grapefruit's Second Cousin: Woah not so fast buddy, I'm Grapefruit's Second Cousin, I'm here to avenge his death.

Grapefruit's Grandpa: And I'm Grapefruit's Grandpa. I'm here to avenge his death.

Grapefruit's Mailman: And I'm Grapefruit's Mailman, and I got all this mail, and no forwarding adress. So I need some help here.