Orange: (Singing) You know I'm Orange! I'm Orange! I'm really Really Orange! And the whole world has to answer right now just to tell you once again whose Orange! (Laughing, then spots a walnut) Hey! I didn't see you sitting there! Uhh...

Walnut: Yes?

Orange: What are you?

Walnut: I'm a walnut.

Orange: Hey! Hey Walnut!

Walnut: What?

Orange: Walnut! Hey!

Walnut: What!?

Orange: Knock knock.

Walnut: Who's there?

Orange: Knock knock.

Walnut: I already said "Who's there?"

Orange: Knock knock!

Walnut: Look dude, knock it off.

Orange: Knock knock!

Walnut: Who is it already?

Orange: Knock knock!

Walnut: You know what? I don't care! I don't care who's at the door!

Orange: Knock knock!

Walnut: Who is it already!?

Orange: Cash.

Walnut: Cash? Cash who?

Orange: Cashew? I though you were a walnut! (Laughing)

Walnut: (sighs)

Orange: Geez, you really need to come out of your shell! (Laughing)

Walnut: I'm a nut, not a turtle.

Orange: You're a nut? And they say I'm crazy! (Laughing) Hey! Hey Walnut!

Walnut: If this is another knock knock joke-

Orange: You look familiar.

Walnut: Dude, I'm a walnut.

Orange: Don't I know you from somewhere?

Walnut: No, no, I- I think I'd remember that.

Orange: Ooooh I know! You're the guy who lives inside Lizardberry!

Walnut: What?

Orange: Don't you remember?

(A flashback begins showing a time when Orange met an Avocado)

Orange: Hey! Hey Lizardberry! Hey!

Avocado: Hey, for the last time, I'm not a Lizardberry.

Orange: Hey! Hey Lizardberry!

Avocado: What?!?

Orange: Knife!!!

(Avocado screams as he is cut)

Orange: Whoa! that guy's going to be dino-sore in the morning! (Laughing) Ow!

Avocado Pit: (He is cut out of Avocado and falls down) Free Willy!

Orange: What the Heck?!?

Avocado Pit: Hey! How's it going!

Orange & Avocado Pit: (Screaming)

(Flashback ends)

Walnut: What are you talking about!? That was an Avocado you idiot!

Orange: you're an Avocado? is that why Lizardberry ate you?

Walnut: No, I'm a walnut!

Orange: Wingnut?

Walnut: WALNUT!

Orange: Walrus?

Walnut: WAL, NUT!!!

Orange: Oh, walnut. Is that why you're so hard to crack? (Laughing)

Walnut: Hey, don't even joke about that, man, Have you even seen a nutcracker?

Orange: Well, duh, he's right over there.

Nut Cracker: (Weird noises)

Orange: good thing he has a straitjacket.

Walnut: (groans) No, a nutcracker. you've never heard of a nutcracker?

Orange: Nutcracker? Sweet!

Walnut: No! It's not sweet! it's a death-dealing pair of metal tongs that'll split your head right open! Do you even know what that sounds like?

Orange: Knock knock.

Walnut: It's not a joke, man, I'm telling you, it's the worst way to go!

Orange: Knock knock!

Walnut: (groans)

Orange: Knock knock!


Orange: Knock knock!


Orange: Squirrel.

Walnut: Squirrel? Squirrel who?

Orange: Squirrel!

(A squirrel comes and starts eating Walnut)

Walnut: (Screams)

(The scene then cuts to the text. The theme song is playing again. Orange says, "The fruity questions of the day: Who or what should I meet next? Leave your answer in the comments!". The text on the left says, "JULIAN SMITH AS WALNUT" (there is also a little "Subsribe".) The texts on the right say, "CREATED BY DANEBOE" and "WRITTEN BY SPENCER GROVE" The videos on the bottom of them are Annoying Orange: The Sitcom and Annoying Orange: Close Encounters of the Annoying Kind. The words on the top of them say, "WATCH MORE ORANGE!". The link on the left bottom says, "TWITTER.COMM/ANNOYINGORANGE". The one on the right says, "FACEBOOK.COM/ANNOYINGORANGE".)

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