Orange: Trick or treat, I have no feet, but if I did that would be neat. (Singing & Laughing)

Pear: That's not a Scary Story!

Orange: I thought we're playing trick or treat.

Pear: All right, we're skipping Orange. You guys cool with that?

Midget Pumpkin, Midget Apple, Yellow Pepper, & Carrot: Yes.

Pear: Cool. All right, Midget... I mean Little Apple, who's next?

Midget Apple: It's your turn, Pear.

Pear: All right. I got a good one. Have you ever heard the legend.....of Frankenfruit?

Orange: Na! But, I heard the what about Frankenbean. (farts & laughs)

Carrot: Eww! Gross!

Pear: All right, all right, right. Now, once upon a time, there was a brilliant scientest. But, like all for men & women, his genius was mix with insanity. He spend to his intire life using dead fruits & vegetables together to create terefying horror. And worst yet, he figured out the way to bring his monsters to life.

(Scientest laughing)

Pear: There was only one thing that he needed.

Midget Apple: What was missing?

Pear: Ten thousand gigawatts of pure electricity.

(lights came out)

Pear: Whoa! The lights!

Orange: What happened?

(Carrot dissapeared)

Midget Apple: Hey! What happened to carrot?

Midget Pumpkin: I don't know. He was there a minute ago.

Pear: He's probably in the bathroom checking his pants after hearing my story.

Midget Pumpkin: It wasn't that scary.

Pear: You got something better Midget Pumpkin.

Midget Apple: That's little pumpkin.

Orange: More like midget plumpkin. (laughs)

Midget Pumpkin: Hey! How can I be small and fat at the same time?

Midget Apple: Okay! Okay! Okay! Lets see who's laughing after I tell my story.

Orange: Let me guess. It's gonna be a short story. (Laughing)

Midget Apple: That's little story! And it all started on a night just like this, under a full moon.

Orange: Whoa! Onion's back! Remeber that time we went to space for a game of facelift?

Midget Apple: That have nothing to do with onion. But, it does have something to do with a very special hot dog. You see, a gypsy put a course on it. So every day there is a full moon hot dog transforms into a terrible beast known as, The Halloweenie! Pretty scary stuff, huh?

Orange: Your story bites.

Orange, Midget Pumpkin & Pear: Laughing

Midget Apple: Hey! It's real. It really happened.

Orange: Stop it Midget Apple. You're barking at the wrong tree.

Orange & Pear: Laughing


(Lights came out)

Orange: What's going on?

(Midget Apple disappears)

Pear: Whoa. The storm must getting closer.

Midget Plumpkin: Hey, where is little apple?

Orange: Maybe he's out walking the hot dog. (Laughing)

(Lights came out)

(Midget pumpkin disappears)

Orange: Whoa! Where is little plumpkin?

(Lights came out)

(Yellow Pepper disappears)

Orange: What's going on?

Pear: All right, I... I'm afficially getting freaked down here.


Orange: That sounds like my tummy.

(Lights came out)

Voice: Im not your tummy, orange.

Pear: Who said that?

Orange: Wait, that sounds just like... like...

Frankenfruit: Roarrrrr

Orange & Pear: Frankenfruit!

Frankenfruit: Thats right orange, Grapefruit is back! And better than ever!

Pear: Grapefruit, don't worry, we'll get you some help.

Frankenfruit: Save it Wasteoid! I got all the help I'm gonna need to squash you in that dimble dimwit.

Orange: I'm not a dimwit. I'm an Orange.

Frankenfruit: Oh, I'm sorry, I can't hear you. I'm too busy flexing.

Pear: I think I'm gonna barf!

Frankenfruit: Let's hear it, smartiepants! Any last words?

Orange: Yeah! Happy Halloweenie!

Frankenfruit: That's Halloween, you moron!

Orange: No it isn't. That's a Halloweenie!

(Halloweenie comes and kills Frankenfruit)

Orange: Whoa! Who let the dogs out? (Laughing)

(Midget Apple appears)

Midget Apple: Hey guys, Hey! Hey everybody did I miss anything?

Pear: Little Apple! You're alive!

Midget Apple: Barely, You should have seen the line for the bathroom!

Orange, Pear and Midget Apple: Laughing