Celery: And in fact around the Produce section I'm considered a bit of a playboy. So she heard it was the "Onion!", but, Onion, he's like I'm not the one dropping stinkbombs over here! (laughter)

Annoying Orange: Hey! Hey, Celery!

Celery: What?

Annoying Orange: Hey, Celery! Hey!

Celery: What is it Orange?

Annoying Orange: I bet

Celery: What do you want?

Annoying Orange: (sighs) I don't know

Celery: Yeah. Whatever. So, anyway.

Cabbage: Hey! What's matter with you Orange?

Annoying Orange: Oh, Hey Cabbage.

Cabbage: Man, oh, man, Orange. You look awful.

Annoying Orange: Yeah.

Cabbage: You feeling down?

Annoying Orange: I guess I just don't see the point.

Cabbage: Of what? Making fun of Celery?

Annoying Orange: Everyone I talk to just gets chopped up. I mean any second now someone's gonna pick up celery and we'll never see him again!

Cabbage: Pick up celery! Come on , Orange Celery can't even get a date!

Celery: What? No I can get a date dude, Anytime, I want.

Cabbage: No man, everyone knows you're a stalker. Ha Ha ! Get it Orange, he's a stalker!

Annoying Orange: Yeah.

Cabbage: You know why you're in a funk?

Annoying Orange: Because I'm sitting too close to Onion?

Onion: (sniffs) You smealt it, you dealt it buddy.

Annoying Orange: Yeah, maybe.

Cabbage: Maybe! That's not the Orange I know. The Orange I know would have said Ew! Faceball is smelly! Someone threw a stinkball!

Annoying Orange: (Chuckles) Yeah.

Cabbage: He would have said, Gross! Onions making Grunions!

Annoying Orange: (Chuckles) Grunions.

Onion: (Sniffs) Knock it off, Cabbage!

Cabbage: Oh, If I'm lying, you're crying!

Annoying Orange: (Laughs) It's true cause it rhymes.

Onion: I'm not crying! There's something in my Eye!

Annoying Orange: Yeah, Stinkeye. (Laughs)

Cabbage: Yeah! That's what I'm talking about.

Annoying Orange: Hey Cabbage, thanks for the lift!

Cabbage: That's how we do, Orange!

Annoying Orange: Yeah, you're a real Taxi Cabbage. (Laughs)

Cabbage: Yeah, Yeah that's funny orange.

Annoying Orange: Hey Cabbage, Know why you're so smart? It's because you have a big head! (Laughs)

Cabbage: Yeah yeah, yeah that's funny Orange.

Annoying Orange: Hey Cabbage, Why are you embarresed? Is it because you saw the salad dressing?

Annoying Orange, Onion & Celery: (Laughs)

Cabbage: Ok! That's enough Orange! You can stop!

Annoying Orange: I would! But you won't lettuce!

Annoying Orange, Onion & Celery: (Laughs)

Cabbage: Oh, so that's how it is. I try to help you out and you stab me in the back!

Annoying Orange: Jeez, you sound like a real ceaser salad. (Laughs)

Cabbage: Ceaser Salad? I don't get it.

Annoying Orange: You know, Ceaser. Stabbed in the back? Knife?

Cabbage: Yeah, still not getting it.

Annoying Orange: Knife!

Cababage: (Screams as he gets chopped in half by knife) NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!

Annoying Orange: Woh! It's a coleslaughter! (Laughs) Ow! Aw, I liked Cabbage, too. He was funny.

Onion: Hey Orange, I'm really sorry about Cabbage.

Annoying Orange: Thanks Onion.

Onion: Man it just goes to show ya, you never know when your time is- (Screams as he gets chopped in half by knife)

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