NOTE: Beacuse Left 4 Dead technically has no script just a random phrase or quote said now or then, this technically isn't a transcript, but a list of assorted quotes used only in that certain campaign.

Bill Edit

  • [ When the plane crashes on the Runway ] "Bah - Jeezus..."
  • [ When exiting out onto the runway ] "Keep it together, people! We're almost home free!"
  • "Jesus H. Christ!"
  • "That C-130 is nice flyin'."
  • [ Rescue ready ] "Ev'ryone on the plane, pronto!"
  • [ Rescue ready ] "Get to the plane!"
  • [ Rescue ready ] "Into the plane; hustle it, people!"

Francis Edit

  • "This is the most sober I've ever been in an airport."
  • "The sad thing is, this is only the second worst time I've ever had in an airport."
  • "'God is dead', huh? Well join the damn club."
  • "Don't everybody start the crane all at once!"
  • "The whole damn city is on fire!"
  • "It figures the only thing in the damn city NOT on fire is the one thing we need to burn down."
  • "Let's get up that ladder!"
  • "We oughtta get back on the rooftops."
  • "Ah shit. That half-a plane ain't real encouraging."
  • [ When starting the The Construction Site's Crescendo Event ] "Heh, hot shot."
  • "Our dumpster's arrived. Let's go, girls!"

Louis Edit

Zoey Edit

  • "Hey Bill, it's your favorite - stairs!" [ When they reach more stairs ] "Hey Bill, more stairs!"
  • [ On seeing the statue of Atlas with the world on his shoulders in the airport lobby ] "Great. Ayn Rand International Airport." (Referencing Ayn Rand's novel Atlas Shrugged.)
  • "We gotta take the stairs, sorry Bill."
  • [ On seeing graffiti that says "God is dead" ] "Oh no! The zombies killed God!"
  • "Through the offices!"
  • "What do you call 5,000 infected lawyers?"
  • "Hey Louis, all of these cubicles make you homesick?"
  • "Louis, did you work in a cube like these?"
  • "We can burn down this barricade."
  • "So much for the easy way..."
  • [ Upon seeing the outside of The Terminal ] "Oh God, Bill was right. They bombed the airport!"
Francis: "Hey! I was the one who said that!"
  • "Louis, your row isn't boarding yet."
  • "Holy shit!"
  • "Holy crap!"
  • "Last time I was here the city wasn't so much on fire."
  • "Hey Louis? Try not to get lost."
  • "I wonder if this is more lost luggage than normal?"
  • "I always wondered what was back here."

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