Orange: Hey, hey Cucumber!

Cucumber: Yeah, Orange?

Orange: Hey, are we cool?

Cucumber: Yeah. Yeah we're cool.

Orange: Hey! Hey, Cucumber! Hey!

Cucumber: What's up, Orange?

Orange: Are we still cool?

Cucumber: Yeah, we're cool.

Orange: Still cool?

Cucumber: Oh yeah, we are coolio.

Orange: (talking to himselves, in his thoughts) Aww man. Cucumber is so cool, I really want him to like me. What do I have to do to make him like me? (Angel and Devil Orange appear) Whoa! Who are you guys?

Angel Orange: We're you!

Orange: But I'm me.

Devil Orange: And we're here to help.

Orange: Yaay!

Devil Orange: Hey! Hey, Orange!

Orange: Hey, Devil Orange!

Devil Orange: You should tell Cucumber that his mother's a pickle. (laughing)

Orange: Good idea, Devil Orange.

Angel Orange: No, Orange! You cant tell him that!

Orange: I can't?

Angel Orange: You should ask Cucumber why the long face. (laughing)

Annoying Orange: Good one, Angel Orange.

Devil Orange: What?! No way! Look at him, Orange. You have to show him one of your awesome tricks. How about you spit some seeds at him?

Annoying Orange: Oh, even better.

Angel Orange: Seeds won't work. You have to tell him that he looks green with envy. (laughing)

Annoying Orange: It's funny because he is green.

Devil Orange: No. Here's what you do Orange, just tell him that.........

Angel Orange: (interrupts Devil Orange) Hey, pal, how about you stop horning in.

Devil Orange: Gee, what kind of wingman are you?

Angel Orange: Nice fork, dude! Is that for salad or dinner? (laughing)

Devil Orange: Hey! Hey, Angel! Somebody is using your head for the ring toss. (laughing)

Angel Orange: You're an apple.

Devil Orange: No, you're an apple.

(Angel and Devil Orange repeatedly argue, noteably saying "Apple".)

Annoying Orange: Geez, I'm getting a headache.

Cucumber: Yo, Orange! You okay, man?

Annoying Orange: What? Yeah I'm cool. I'm cool.

Cucumber: Hahaha. Cool.

Annoying Orange: Cool!

Cucumber: Cool.

Annoying Orange: Cool!

Cucumber: Cool.

Annoying Orange: Knife!

Cucumber: (gets knifed) Oh my god!!! What's happening!!!!

Annoying Orange: Oh, Cucumber. You look like you got yourself in a pickle. (laughing) Oh bummer, I really liked Cucumber. He was cool. Now what? Hey, Pear!

Pear: Oh, not again.

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