{In-game Cutscene}

Forge and his troops are evacuating from the city, under Covenant pursuit.

  • Forge: "The Covenant are right on our ass, keep moving!"
  • Captain Cutter: "We can not lose our foothold on Arcadia, gentlemen. Secure a defensible position, and hold it until we can reinforce you!"


  • Serina: "I've scanned the area. The best defensible position is an impact crater a few clicks south along the highway."
  • Forge: "Get to that crater! Do not engage the enemy behind us! Keep moving!"

UNSC forces reach the crater only to find Covenant forces occupying it.

  • Forge: "Clear the enemy out of this crater!"
  • Forge: "We only have a little time to prep the base for the Covenant attacks, let's get to it."
  • Serina: "We're dropping a Command Center in that crater for you, preparing Omega Team now."
  • Captain Cutter: "Other UNSC units have been notified, and are retreating to your position."
  • Forge: "The Covenant are building structures to the north of our base."
  • Evac Pelican: "Evac Pelican inbound with UNSC survivors, cover us!"
  • Serina: "Scans indicate that Covenant are building a large plasma weapon."
  • Forge: "Covenant Mega Turret. We've got to take it out somehow!"
  • Evac Pelican: "Thanks for the cover, we're ready to help."

With reinforcements from the Evac Pelican the turret is destroyed

  • Forge: "The Mega Turret is down, good work."
  • Bravo 29: "Pelican Bravo 29, got a few stragglers for ya requesting cover."
  • Bravo 29: "Thanks for the cover, we're ready to help."
  • Angel: "Angel here, got some evac Marines here wanting to help, cover my landing."
  • Angel: "Thanks for the cover, we're ready to help."

If a second base has been established:

  • Captain Cutter: "Excellent work!"
  • Serina: "Help is coming. Trust me, you won't be disappointed."
  • Serina: "Spartan Team Omega is prepped and ready, Pelican is en route."
  • Spartan Team Omega: "Spartan Team Omega, inbound."
  • Forge: "More Spartans! Serina, you never disappoint."
  • Spartan Team Omega: "We'll clean up this mess."
  • Forge: "Let's see what these Spartans can do, push the Covenant back!"
  • Spartan Team Omega: "This is too easy."

{In-game Cutscene}

  • Spartan Team Omega: "This is Omega Team, this sector is clear, we're gone."
  • Captain Cutter: "Sergeant Forge, report to the bridge ASAP. We've got a new problem."

Level ends