(The Short Film Starts With Spongebob Eating McDonald's For Dinner)

Spongebob: Mmmmmm! It taste delicious!

Patrick: Would you knock it off, dude? The poop is disgusting!

Liam the Leprechaun: *appears* Ah-Ha!

Spongebob: Whoa! Jolly Green Giant! You're back!

Leprechaun: That's right, annoying pile o' pulp, I'm back! And I'm angry!

Spongebob: Why? Because you have a SHORT temper?

Leprechaun: Listen up, you annoying piece of s""t! You're the most dumbest thing i've ever met, and I'm here to teach you a lesson!

Spongebob: Oooh! Is it a skiing lesson?

Leprechaun: No! Not that kind of lesson!

Spongebob: Krabby Patties?

Leprechaun: Krabby!

Spongebob: How about Funny?

Leprechaun: NO! Grr! This is the type of lesson where I show you what it's like to be annoying!

Patrick: Uh, yeah. Good luck with that.

Leprechaun: Oh my? What's this is me pocket? (searches)

Spongebob: Ooh, is it a pinwheel?

Leprechaun: No.

Spongebob: A skydiving?

Leprechaun: NO! It's not a skydiving! Where is it.....

Spongebob: Asshole' gold?

Leprechaun: NO!

Spongebob: Oh Crap.

Leprechaun: *finds a sparkly pile of dust* Ah-ha! Now Spongeman with a POWDERY BLAST, you better get ready to meet your match! *blows the dust to Both Spongebob and Patrick*

Spongebob: Ooh, sparkly! Haha.

  • Both Spongebob and Patrick are transported to a boxing ring*

Spongebob: Woah!

Patrick: Where are we?

  • Liam appears*

Announcer: And welcome back to the main event, let's go live in-board to the host!


Spongebob: Yay, go Patrick!

Patrick: Dude, he's not talking about me.

Leprechaun: When the fight is over, in the WOOOOORLD of Bikini Bottom The Yellow Sponge With Pants. SpongeBOOOOOOOOOOB........... Squarepants!

Spongebob: Thanks for the hand, I don't have any!

Leprechaun: And in the blue corner, hailing all the way from Nebraska, weighing in at 120lb, the Sultan of Shrieking, the Overlord of Obnoxious, FRRRRRRRRRRRRRREEEDDDD!

  • Fred appears*

Fred Figglehorn: HEY SPONGEBOB! HAHAHA! *shrieks*

Spongebob: Did someone just put a chipmunk in a blender?

Leprechaun: Alright boys, when the bell rings, I want you to annoy the life outta each other until one of you can't handle it any longer. Okay? OKAY? LET'S GET IT ON!

Fred: *shrieks*

Spongebob: Wow, your favourite food must be Scream of Wheat. (laughing)

Fred: Hey Spongebob! YOU LOOK STUPID HAHA!

Spongebob: Well, at least I'm not a vegetable!

Fred: Well you know what? Your teeth are so yellow that traffic slows down when you smile! HAHA! *shrieks*

Leprechaun: That was a good one Fred. Suck it Orange!

Spongebob: Hey Stupid Chipmunk's Voice!

Fred: What?

Spongebob: You are just a weirdo?

Fred: No, why?

Spongebob: Because you're really getting under my skin. (laughing)

Patrick: Atta boy Spongestupid, give it to him!

Spongebob: Hey Stupid Chipmunk Kid! What's silent but deadly?

Fred: What?

Spongebob: *laughs*

Patrick: That wasn't silent.

Fred: Oh yeah? How 'bout I sing outta tune! LA LALA LAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA LALALA

Spongebob: I can do that to! (singing)


Spongebob: Lala lala la la LA, la la LA! (sticks out tongue and mumbles)

Patrick: Uh, guys? *notices the annoying meters smoking*

Leprechaun: Hey now, take it easy you two! THESE ARE SENSITIVE DEVICES!


Fred: *shrieks*


Fred: *shrieks*


Patrick: Stop it!

  • glass ceiling breaks and falls on Liam*

Both: Ohhhh!

  • Patrick and Spongebob are transported to bikini bottom again.*

Spongebob: That was crazy!

Patrick: You're telling me. If I had ears, they'd be bleeding.

Spongebob: Whew! Thank goodness it's over!

Patrick: Ain't it the truth!

  • Fred screeches in the background*

Spongebob: Hey, what was that noise coming from?

  • Fred appears inside of the pineapple house*

Fred: Hey Spongebob! *shrieks*

Patrick and Spongebob: *screaming*


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