Annoying Orange: Hey, Apple! Hey, Apple! Hey! Hey, Apple! Hey!

Apple (Autotuned): Is there something I can help you with, Orange?

Annoying Orange: You're funny looking! (laughter)

Apple iPhone: Yes, you keep saying that.

Annoying Orange: Hey! Hey, Apple!

Apple iPhone: Yes?

Annoying Orange: Can you touch your nose with your tongue?

Apple iPhone: Uh.......

Annoying Orange: Like this! (sticking his tougue out)

Apple iPhone: To point a fact, Orange, you don't have a nose.

Annoying Orange: You're not trying! (sticking his tougue out again)

Apple iPhone: I don't have a nose, either!

Annoying Orange: C'mon! It's fun! (sticking his tougue out slightly better)

Apple iPhone: Quit it!

Annoying Orange: You're no fun! I bet you can't do anything cool!

Apple iPhone: Well, sure! I can do all kinds of things! I can tell our exact GPS corrindates if this-

Annoying Orange: Boring! Hey! Hey, Apple! I bet you can't spit orange juice! (spitting orange juice)

Apple iPhone: Hey! Don't do that! My Orange's almost up!

Annoying Orange: (Laughing) Still bored!

Apple iPhone: I can help do your taxes!

Annoying Orange: Snoresville, USA! Population: Apple. (laughter)

Apple iPhone: Well, how about I show you my extensive music collection!

Orange: Because it's boring?

Apple iPhone: I have Potter

Annoying Orange: Your Music sucks

Apple iPhone: Wanna hear it

Annoying Orange: Wanna hear Music (Singing)

Apple iPhone: Stop it!

(Orange Sings Again)

Apple iPhone: That's really Annoying

(Orange Sings Again)

Apple iPhone: STOP IT!!!

(Orange Laughs)

Apple iPhone: You know I can do I can Autotuned make you less Annoying

Annoying Orange: Nuuh No!!! You can't

(Orange Sings)

Annoying Orange: (Laughing) That's Awesome do this-- Do this (Singing) Hey!

(Orange Sings Again)

Annoying Orange: Whoa You're pretty Awesome Apple!
Apple iPhone: Thank you

Annoying Orange: Do you spit Orange Juice? (Spitting)

Apple iPhone: Dude You're kidding Juice!

Annoying Orange: (Laughing) Whoops! (Laughing)

(Apple Phone's smoke has overheating)

Annoying Orange: Uh-oh

Apple iPhone: What? Orange!

Annoying Orange: Do you smell that?

Apple iPhone: I told you Orange! "You don't have Noses"

Annoying Orange: Smells like smoke

(Apple Phone's smoke is shortcuting)

Apple iPhone: You know the thing I smell is-- Uh-oh

Annoying Orange: Apple! Apple! I liked Apple too Oh! Well Hey Blackberry!!!

Blackberry#Phone: Not right now Man My Battery is servily Low

Annoying Orange: No!!! Not you!!! You!!!

Blackberry: Hey Orange!!! What's going on!!!

Annoying Orange: Knife!!!

(Daneboe cuts Blackberries in half with the Knife)

(Blackberry#Fruit Screamed)

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