Annoying Orange: (muffled speaking) Hey, get me out of here! Whoa, watch it Mr. Grabby Pants! I don't like being carried around like that! Geez!

Football: Whoa! Whoa!

Annoying Orange: Whoa!

Football: Hi, there.

Annoying Orange: What the heck are you?

Football: Me? I'm a football.

Annoying Orange: You're a ball made a feet?

Football: No, no, no, no. FOOT-BALL Get it? I'm not made of feet!

Soccer Ball: Whoa!

Annoying Orange: Whoa! It's a Melon!

Soccer Ball: I'm not a Melon, I'm a football!

Football: Oh no, you're not! Not in America, Buddy!

(Soccer Ball gets kicks by the feet with Daneboe)

Football: Frickin' tourists!

Annoying Orange: Is Melon made of feet too?

Football: Nobody's made of feet! Boy, what's wrong with you?

Annoying Orange: I'm an Orange!

Football: Yeah! News Flash!

Annoying Orange: Your face is full of laces. Somebody didn't take their shoes off! (Laughing)

Football: Hey! Do you even know what a football is?!

Annoying Orange: Yeah! It's a ball made of feet.

Football: No! Football is a game that picks two worthy oponents against each other in an arena made of violence and grace! It's the only true-

Annoying Orange: Boring!

Football: What?

Annoying Orange: You look like a mutated lemon! You're a Lemonhead! (Laughing)

Football: That's not funny! I'm shaped like this so it's easy to throw me!

Annoying Orange: Wait, throw you? You mean with their hands?

Football: Yeah.

Annoying Orange: So why are you called a football then? You should be called a handball!

Football: That's not my name!

Annoying Orange: You're a Handball!

Football: That's not my name!

Annoying Orange: Hey! Hey Handball!

Football: It's Football

Annoying Orange: Hey Handball! Do you have any money?

Football: No!

Annoying Orange: 'Cause I want my quarterback! (Laughing)

Football: All right!

Annoying Orange: Your name is Handball Lemonhead (Laughing)

Football: That's not my name!

Annoying Orange: Can you blow bubbles with your spit?

Football: No!

Annoying Orange: Like this (Mumbling)

Football: That's disgusting!

Annoying Orange: (Mumbling Again) Try it!

Football: No!

Annoying Orange: (Mumbling) You're not trying!

Football: Yeah! and I'm not going to

(Orange Mumbles Again)

Football: Stop that!

Annoying Orange: (Mumbling) You'll love it!

Football: No, I'm pretty sure I won't love it.

Annoying Orange: (Mumbling)It's fun!

Football: NO! What's going on here? I'm the star of the super bowl and this is how I get treated? Being parraded by a Talking Orange?

Annoying Orange: Superbowl? Is that for a really big salad? (Laughs)

Football: No! It's not for a really big salad! Are you actually that slow?

Annoying Orange: Hey! Hey Handball!

Football: What!!

Annoying Orange: Foot.

Football: What?

Daneboe then kicks football for a field goal

Annoying Orange: Woh!


Annoying Orange: Hey Handball! Can I have your Seat? (Sighs) Oh well.

Soccer Ball: Woh! (Rolls over to bench) I Told ya, I'm a Bloody Footbal! Not Him!

Annoying Orange: Yeah Right! Handball told me you weren't made of feet. Stupid Melon.