Annoying Orange: (mumbling) I'm kinda lonely in here all by myself!

Orange: Whoa! Well, that was fun! (laughter)

Annoying Orange: Hey, you're an orange!

Orange: Hey, you're an orange!

Annoying Orange: I'm an orange!

Orange: I'm an orange!

Annoying Orange: That's what I said!

Orange: That's what I said! (laughter)

Annoying Orange: Hey! Hey Orange! You wanna hear a joke?!?

Orange: OK!!

Annoyinng Orange: Why did the Chicken cross the...

Orange: Hey! Hey Orange!

Annoying Orange: What?!?

Orange: Why did the orange go blind?!?

Annoying Orange: Huh?!?

Orange: Because he was low on Vitamin C. (Laughing) Get it? Vitamin C (Laughing)

Annoying Orange: Hey! Hey Orange! What does the orange say before it went to Work?!?

Orange: Back to the Rine (Laughing)

Annoying Orange: Hey! That's my joke! Hey! Hey Orange! How many oranges does it take to screw in a lightbulb?!?

(Other Orange is Farting & Laughing)

Annoying Orange: What was that?!?

(Other Orange Farts Again)

Orange: Uh! There was a little pop in that one ! (Laughing)

Annoying Orange: What's wrong with you?!?

Orange: I think I'm ripe (Laughing)

Annoying Orange: Oh Yeah I bet you can't do this (Burping & Laughing)

Orange: Oh anybody can do that, watch (Burping) I told you I'm ripe

Annoying Orange: You're annoying!

Orange: No! I'm not I'm an Orange

Orange: Hey! Hey Orange! Why the Orange fell on the tree

Annoying Orange: Because You're stupid

Orange: Because he went off a limb (Laughing)

Annoying Orange: (grunting angrily)

(Daneboe brings the Guts. Annoying Orange see it and smiles)

Orange: (Laughing) I'm so funny, I tell the best jokes in the world

Annoying Orange: Hey Orange!

Orange: What?!? What is it?!? Orange?

Annoying Orange: Knife

Orange: Huh?!?

(Daneboe cuts the orange in half)

(Other Orange Screams)

(Orange Laughs)

(Other Orange Screams)

Annoying Orange: Hey Orange! Where did it go Lots of Guts (Laughing) Get it Guts (Laughing)

(Daneboe dropped those Orange Group)

Annoying Orange: Hey What are you doing?

Orange: Hey! Watch Out

Annoying Orange: No! Hey! Other Orange

Orange Group: Hey! It's an Orange!

Annoying Orange: NO!!!

Orange Group: Hey It's an Orange! Right over there!

(Orange Laughs)

Annoying Orange: Hey!

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