Annoying Orange: (Mumbling) I'm bored.

Tomato: Whoa Where am I?

Annoying Orange: Hey Apple!!! You're back!!!

Tomato: What?

Annoying Orange: Hey Apple!! Where you been?

Tomato: Are you talking to me?

Annoying Orange: Hey Apple!

Tomato: I'm not an apple.

Annoying Orange: Hey! Hey Apple!

Tomato: Hey, I'm not an apple.

Annoying Orange: Yeah, you are. Your red! See, you're an apple.

Tomato: No, no, no, no. You see, I'm a tomato.

Annoying Orange: A tomato? You look like an apple.

Tomato: No, no, no. I'm a fruit like an apple, but I'm not an apple.

Annoying Orange: What? No, you're not. You're a vegetable.

Tomato: Well that's a common misconception, but, a tomato like myself. I'm a...

Annoying Orange: Hey! Hey Apple! Can you spit seeds?

Tomato: What?

Annoying Orange: Like this. (Hawks and spits a seed at Tomato)

Tomato: Ow!!

Annoying Orange: (laughing)

Tomato: What the heck is wrong with you?

Annoying Orange: I'm an orange!

Tomato: Don't ever do that to a tomato. Don't you know how easy I bruise?

Annoying Orange: You're a TOE-MAY-TOE!

Tomato: It's tomato.

Annoying Orange: TOE-MAY-TOE!

Tomato: TO-MA-TO! Tomato. It's not hard.

Annoying Orange: Yeah, you're a vegetable.

Tomato: Fruit! I'm a fruit!

Annoying Orange: Uh-uh. You can't be a fruit, and a vegetable.

Tomato: I know! I'm not! I'm a fruit! Tomatoes are fruits!

Annoying Orange: No, you're not. You're a vegetable, like a pumpkin.

Tomato: Pumpkins are fruits, too, you moron!

Annoying Orange: Yeah, and elephants are microwaves. (Orange laughs)

Tomato: I hate oranges.

Annoying Orange: You're an apple.

Tomato: I'm a tomato!

Annoying Orange: Apple!

Tomato: Tomato!

Annoying Orange: Blender.

(Daneboe drops Tomato into the blender)

Tomato: Huh?!? Ow!

Annoying Orange: Whoa!

Tomato: Hey! Don't press the Button Buddy! (Screaming)

Annoying Orange: Hey! Are You OK!

(Tomato Screams)

Annoying Orange: You're juicy! If you were a fruit, you'd be in a real jam! (Laughing) Ow!

(Daneboe puts the Fries in the Counter)

Annoying Orange: (Laughing) Hey Tomato! Good You see Ya I was hoping "KATCH-UP" (Laughing) Get it? Ketchup?!? (Laughing) Why aren't you laughing?

(Cuts to the black screen.)

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