Annoying Orange: (singing) La la la, la la, la la la! Singing a song! La la, la la! La la la-(gasping)

Pumpkin: Thanks a lot! I'm gettin' real sick and tired of being dragged all over this place!

Annoying Orange: Whoa! You're the biggest orange I've ever seen!

Pumpkin: What? I'm not an orange.

Annoying Orange: (gasping) You've must be my big brother!

Pumpkin: I'm not your brother!

Annoying Orange: Yeah you are! I'm orange! You're orange! We're both oranges!!!

Pumpkin: I'm not an orange! I'm a pumpkin!

Annoying Orange: Pumpkin? Don't cha mean Plumpkin? (laughing) You're huge! (laughing)

Pumpkin: Ha ha ha. That's real funny.

Annoying Orange: Hey, Plumpkin!

Pumpkin: It's Pumpkin!

Annoying Orange: Hey! Hey, Plumpkin!

Pumpkin: What?

Annoying Orange: How you get so plump? (laughing)

Pumpkin: (grunting)

Annoying Orange: Hey, Plumpkin! Wanna see a trick?

Pumpkin: Not really!

Annoying Orange: (burping and laughing)

Pumpkin: (tounges once) Yeah. That's-that's not even a trick.

Annoying Orange: Hey, Plumpkin!

Pumpkin: It's Pumpkin!

Orange: Hey, Plumpkin!

Pumpkin: What?

Orange: Can you touch your eyeball with your tounge?

Pumpkin: No!

Orange: You haven't even tried it yet. Try it! (attempts to reach his eye with his tounge)

Pumpkin: I don't wan't to try it!

Annoying Orange: (stops his attempt) Almost! (continues his attempt)

Pumpkin: Would you stop that?

Orange: (stops attempt) I almost got it! (continues attempt)

Pumpkin: Orange! Knock it off!

Orange: (stops attempt) You're not trying! (continues attempt)

Pumpkin: Oh, my god! Stop it!

Annoying Orange: (stops attempt) What?

Pumpkin: Ya know, I'm a pretty relaxed guy most of the time and it takes alot to get me wild, but you, you are driving me crazy! And I've only been here what? A minute? You don't shut up! It's Pumpkin! Pumpkin! Not Orange! Not Plumpkin! And I'm not your brother!

Orange: (gulps)

Pumpkin: What? What is it? Why are mumbling and making that face?

Orange: Knife.

Pumpkin: Huh? (screams)

Orange: Somebody should take that guy's knife away! Rip the head! Oh, no! He's tearing your insides out!

(The backround music changes to more pleasant music.)

Orange: Hey! Hey, Plumpkin! Hey, Plumpkin! Hey! Hey, Plumpkin! Somebody carved a face on your butt! (laughs) (laughs again) (sighs) Hey! Who turned out the lights?

(The screen fades away)

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