Annoying Orange: (Laughing) Hey, who cut the cheese? (Laughing Again)

Cheese: YOU SAY THAT ONE MORE TIME, and I SWEAR I'm gonna hurt you!!!

Annoying Orange: You know what they say, 2's company, Cheese a CROWD (Laughing)

Cheese: Shut it!

Annoying Orange: Hey! Watcha call cheese that isn't yours

Cheese: LOOK, I'm not playing your game, OK

Annoying Orange: Nacho Cheese (Laughing)

Cheese: who told you puns are funny, cause they,re NOT

Annoying Orange: Ow My head hurts

Cheese: Good!

Annoying Orange: Yeah, I just don't feel very GOUDA (Laughing) Get it Gouda (Laughing Again)

Cheese: I hate you..... And I hate your Stupid Puns

Annoying Orange: How about some more cheese with your WHINE (Laughing)

Cheese: That's it I'm not listening any more puns.

Annoying Orange: Hey! Hey Cheese!

Cheese: No

Annoying Orange: Hey!

Cheese: No

Annoying Orange: Hey Cheese!

Cheese: Not Listening (Singing)

Annoying Orange: Oh, it's time to sing, OK (Singing)

Annoying Orange & Cheese: (Singing)

Cheese: Stop Stop STOP STOPPIT

Annoying Orange: (Laughing) Let's do it again

Cheese: No Let's not do it again

Annoying Orange: Cheese Don't get angry You turned into a Monster (Laughing)

Cheese: I can't Take it

(Daneboe picks the cheese Grater)

Cheese: Yes I am so out

Annoying Orange: Uh-Oh!!! Where are you going? Cheese

Cheese: Yes!!! (Screaming)

Annoying Orange: Ooooh!!!

Cheese: Thank you & my Misery No more puns No more paaaaaaaaaaans

Annoying Orange: He's really Grating (Laughing) Ow!!!

Cheese: Nothing (Laughing) Nothing

(Daneboe picks Pizza)

Annoying Orange: (Laughing) Hey Cheese! Hey Cheese! You're real in a Chedder (Laughing)

Cheese: NO!!!

Annoying Orange: You're getting around (Laughing)

(Cheese cries)

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